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4 Reasons to Choose a Crown Instead of a Large Filling

Posted on 6/27/2016 by Dr. Frank Sallustio
A diagram of how a dental crown works.You have a large cavity and need to choose a restoration option. Your dentist might give you two choices - fill it with a large filling or top it with a crown. There are several reasons that a crown could be a much better option than a large filling.

Crowns Don't Contain Mercury

While the mercury in silver fillings is not thought to pose a major danger to dental patients, the substance can be a problem for people who might have allergies to certain metals. Silver fillings consist of about 50% mercury and should be avoided if you have an allergy.

Crowns Are Long-Lasting

Large fillings tend to be more sensitive to breakage than crowns, so choosing a filling over a crown may result in the need for another appointment to get your tooth fixed.

A filling gets its strength from the tooth, so the larger the filling is, the weaker the tooth will become. This increases the chance of suffering a break. Depending on whether you choose a plastic or silver filling, you might get 5-15 years out of the restoration, but a crown can last even longer.

Crowns Will Strengthen Your Tooth

A crown is a durable substance that is difficult to break. A weak tooth that is at risk of fracture should be strengthened with a crown rather than simply having a large filling.

Crowns Look More Natural

Even large fillings in the back of your mouth are unattractive, and if you choose a silver option, other people could notice it anytime that you smile. A porcelain crown can be custom-made to match the shape and appearance of your other teeth.

Do you need more information on the benefits of a crown over a large filling? If so, contact our office today.

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